How Smoking Can Jeopardize Your Dental Implants

Posted by Bencaz Family Dentistry May 12, 2017

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Are you a smoker who needs tooth replacement? You’ll want to know the facts surrounding cigarette smoking and dental implants. Dental implants are the most unrivaled solution when it comes to replacing missing teeth. They provide an artificial tooth as well as an artificial tooth root, which creates superior stability and the best replica of a natural tooth. However, dental implants do come with some stipulations.

Beyond proper jawbone density, the success of dental implants strongly depends on the body’s healing capabilities. Anything that inhibits your soft tissues from healing or compromises the implant’s ability to fuse to the underlying jaw bone can lower your chances for a positive outcome. Unfortunately, smoking is a known for its detrimental effects on dental implants. In fact, smokers are twice as likely to suffer implant failure compared to non-smokers. Here’s why:

Smoking produces negative effects throughout the body. When it comes to the mouth, the following can occur:

  • Greater risk for oral cancer
  • Gases burn the oral cavity, damaging salivary glands
  • Increases amount of oral bacteria and/or disease
  • Reduces healthy blood flow to soft tissues
  • Lowers immune system

As you can see, your cigarette habit causes more harm than just bad breath and stained teeth. Its significant impact on healing and bacteria growth within the mouth make smoking a poor choice for those who want to get dental implants.

Are you totally excluded from dental implants if you currently smoke? Not at all. However, you’ll need to either quit your habit completely (the best option), or take a break. It is generally suggested that patients stop smoking for one week prior to dental implant surgery and two weeks afterwards to facilitate proper healing.

For more information about your specific candidacy for dental implants, call Bencaz Family Dentistry. We offer start to finish dental implants right here in our family practice. How can we improve your smile today?

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