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Posted by Bencaz Family Dentistry Aug 10, 2016

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Dental anxiety or dental phobia prevents many patients from seeing the dentist. In fact, it is estimated that up to 15% of Americans avoid dental care due to fear or anxiety. What many patients don’t realize, however, is that dentistry is not what it was in the past. Many of the elements that set patients on edge have changed. Technology has made dental equipment quieter, more efficient and even less invasive. In addition, most dental offices are now designed with patient comfort in mind, offering plenty of distractions and soothing amenities. 

However, if a patient continues to struggle with anxiety or fear despite modern amenities and technology, the use of sedation dentistry is a highly effective solution. Sedation dentistry can be administered as IV Sedation or Oral Conscious Sedation (Nitrous Oxide, or “laughing gas”). Patients can remain awake yet deeply relaxed and comfortable during a procedure. The effects of sedation dentistry are fast-acting and effective, but they also wear off rather quickly.

Reasons To Get Sedation Dentistry

It is important to understand that sedation dentistry is very safe, for both kids and adults. Regardless of whether you have sweaty palms or a paralyzing fear, if your condition is preventing you from going to the dentist or it is making your visit a difficult experience, sedation dentistry can help. In fact, some patients choose to get sedation dentistry during their routine dental cleanings. Here are some common reasons why patients choose sedation dentistry:

  • Fear of needles
  • Anxiety towards sound of dental drill
  • Difficulty sitting still
  • Severe gag reflux
  • Bad dental experience as a child
  • Difficulty getting numb 

At Bencaz Family Dentistry, we’ve equipped our office to create a relaxing and rewarding dental visit for all patients, even those with dental anxiety. We are proudly licensed to offer IV Sedation, a game-changer solution for those with moderate to severe dental anxiety. If you’ve been canceling that dental checkup or putting off that root canal because of dental fear, ask us how we can help – chances are, we can!


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