Cracked Tooth Syndrome: What You Need To Know

Posted by Bencaz Family Dentistry Apr 13, 2016

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If you have a cracked tooth, you may not see it but you will likely feel it. Although they may seem too small to matter, hairline cracks in your tooth can threaten your dental health and cause disruptive symptoms. When a tooth has a fracture that can't be seen (even on an x-ray), it is usually a result of cracked tooth syndrome. Cracked tooth syndrome involves less obvious tooth fractures, typically on the lower molars. These are the teeth that bear the brunt of biting forces and are more susceptible to damage.

What Are The Symptoms?

Sensitivity and pain when you bite down or chew certain foods are strong indicators that you have cracked tooth syndrome. Not everyone will experience symptoms, and some people suffer sensitivity for months. The pain from a cracked tooth is typically not described as a constant ache or throbbing, as it would be when you have a cavity. Extreme temperatures will generally trigger your cracked tooth pain. If unbearable tooth pain steals your joy from eating a scoop of ice cream, go see your dentist.

Who Is At Risk?

Anyone can crack a tooth. However, there are certain patients who are at a greater risk for cracked tooth syndrome, including those with the following:

  • A teeth grinding or teeth clenching habit
  • A molar cusp (the highest point of a tooth) that puts too much force on the opposing tooth when biting
  • Teeth with large fillings
  • Teeth with previous root canal treatment
  • History of cracked teeth

How Is It Treated?

When it comes to treating a cracked tooth, there are several factors to consider. The location and type of the crack matters. For example, a fractured cusp (the raised biting surface) typically warrants a dental crown. A vertical crack that extends below the gum line may need a root canal first or even an extraction. Regardless of the type or amount of damage you have, there is one rule that stands true for all tooth cracks. Seeking early treatment is your best chance at saving your tooth.

At Bencaz Family Dentistry, we have the experience and tools it takes to treat your cracked tooth. We not only want to restore comfort to your smile, but we are passionate about preserving the health of your smile. A cracked tooth will not heal on its own. Instead, the fracture will likely worsen and may result in tooth loss if treatment is not initiated. Call today if you are suffering from cracked tooth symptoms!

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