Amber W.

I love it here! My hygienist Chelsea is an absolute doll! She really took care of me. I have my second appointment this Friday and I am excited. I am considering switching my 6 year old here. I made a great choice choosing Bencaz Family Dentistry ! :)

Victoria K.

Great Staff , My whole family goes and they have an amazing schedule to help the family who has to work alot

Shelley J.

Friendly staff great service. Good hours and next day appt. Best dentist on town.

Nicole M.

Love these guys! Started coming here b/c my husband had a dental emergency on a Saturday and they got him right in! The extended hours are awesome for busy families and the staff is just plain awesome.

Stacy M.

I love this place, I bring the whole over 10 crowd here. The red-headed dentist is my favorite, but the whole staff is really great. They offer discount plans if you don't have insurance. They are open late, so you can get appointments even at 6pm. I think they are open to 8 some nights.

Melisa M.

June 3, as i was eating lunch, i broke a tooth. I tried calling several dentists but they were all closed, and one place said that they could take my emergency visit on Tuesday. I called Bencaz and thank the Lord, they were open late. They fit me in, mid afternoon, and their staff was incredibly warm and very helpful.
Who has a dentist that can administer shots without discomfort? BENCAZ! I was expecting after two extractions, to be in an enormous amount of pain today. I had two doses of medicine yesterday, after the procedure, and nothing today at all. I had zero pain, nor discomfort, and was able to eat normal.
I am sure everyone is different, but my threshold for pain is lweak. This dentistry was purely amazing. Though i had to pay out of pocket, they have a new patient for life!

Bree B.

My daughter is 3.5 and this is her second time coming. Every time she comes they are able to do a little bit more. The hygienist was so super nice to her and made her feel comfortable enough to even be able to do xrays!