You may have noticed that your teeth have grooves and fissures. The uneven surfaces of your teeth are there to provide optimum chewing ability. The sharp edges on your back teeth make it easier to tear and grind food so that it can be used efficiently by your body. Unfortunately, this is also a place where food particles can collect. It can be practically impossible to clean these areas sufficiently to prevent cavities from forming. These grooves and fissures are particularly prominent in children's teeth.

The good news with our general dental treatments is – you do not need to worry about cavities forming in these areas when protective dental sealants are placed on the teeth. Dental sealants are a thin protective film usually made of a type of resin or plastic that is put over the grooves and fissures of teeth to prevent the onset of tooth decay.

Teeth Sealing to Prevent Cavities

Children in particular are not known to be the best at brushing their teeth, and the grooves and fissures are deepest on their new permanent molars and bicuspids. When these areas are neglected, bacteria will build up and begin eating away the enamel of the tooth causing cavities. When the teeth have sealants the decay does not have a chance to form in the first place.

The teeth are well cleaned before the sealant is put on the teeth. This ensures that there is no plaque hiding in the crevices at the time the sealant is placed. Once the teeth are properly prepared by cleaning, the sealant is placed. This protection can last up to ten years, however, it is still important to have the teeth checked regularly to make sure it is doing the job properly. Sometimes dental sealants can be worn down, and this can lead to decay.

Dental sealants provide protection from cavities and they also protect your bank account. They are relatively inexpensive, especially when you compare to the cost of fillings for decayed teeth. Invest in the health of your teeth, and especially your children's teeth, by opting for dental sealants. Contact Bencaz Family Dentistry today to schedule a consultation regarding dental sealants.