You may be surprised to find out that there is a simple way to take years off your looks. Dull, dingy teeth can make you look a lot older than you really are. Having your teeth whitened at Bencaz Family Dentistry can brighten your teeth shades whiter than they are now. This simple cosmetic dentistry procedure can actually make you look years younger. Extensive, costly makeovers will not make much difference when your teeth look old and worn. Brightening them up with our professional whitening process will make a difference that you will be able to see before you leave our office.

Over time, teeth become discolored due to the foods you eat and the beverages you consume. It can happen at such a slow rate that you may not even notice how stained and dull your teeth actually are until you take a closer look. If you are a person who just cannot function in the morning without a couple of cups of java, or you need tea to keep you going, you probably have stained teeth. Are you a blueberry aficionado? Dark berries are notorious for staining teeth. You may think you got off all that purple stain from that piece of blueberry pie, but each berry session contributes a little more to the overall staining process. Does this mean you give up your cuppa Joe, your afternoon tea or the berry smoothies you so love? By no means! Come to Bencaz Family Dentistry and we will have your teeth looking bright and white and years younger in just a short period of time.

Professional Teeth Whitening in Denham Springs, LA

Have you noticed how everyone seems to have sparkling white teeth nowadays? Over the counter products are used by millions to whiten and brighten their teeth and for the most part these methods work decently. Still, when your teeth are professionally whitened, you have the assurance that the job is done well and with products that will not harm your teeth. The products we use will not damage your tooth enamel and may actually whiten your teeth shades brighter than over the counter products.

Whiten your teeth without worry or concern and get them as bright as can be. Contact Bencaz Family Dentistry today for an appointment and we will take care of your teeth and remove years from your appearance.

Whitening for Life!

$499 ZOOM and Trays*
$0 WFL Touch Up

• At sign up for WFL patients will receive a whole box of whitening strips, includes 10 strips (5 top, 5 bottom)
• At your checkup appointment, patients will receive a box of whitening strips which includes 10 strips (5 top, 5 bottom)
• Patients can purchase an extra box of whitening strips for $50
• *$50 fee for a WFL patient to get back in the program upon no show or late cancelation for an appointment (But not if there is a family emergency)

Sheer White

Zoom! In Office Whitening

Bencaz Family Dentistry is proud to offer patients ZOOM Professional Teeth Whitening. The ZOOM Whitening process is fast and effective.  If your teeth are in need of a Whitening treatment, Zoom will get your teeth shades whiter quickly.

If you are ready to enhance your smile and give your confidence a boost, contact Bencaz Family Dentistry today and ask about Professional Teeth Whitening using the ZOOM Whitening Process.