Missing teeth can be an embarrassment, making you hide your smile when you should be proud to show it to the world. Losing teeth cannot always be helped, but there are cosmetic dentistry options to fill in those gaps in your smile. One option is dental bridges, which are a permanent solution to replacing missing teeth to restore your smile. You can once again feel proud to share it with your family and friends.

When you have one or more missing teeth, it is not just your smile that is affected. Missing teeth remove the stability in your mouth, which can lead to other teeth shifting out of place. Those gaps can also be havens for food particles and bacteria, leading to a higher risk of gum disease. Dental bridges can fill the gaps in your smile while creating the stability needed to keep your other teeth in place for optimum oral health.

Restore Your Smile

To implement a dental bridge, you need to have teeth on either side of the missing teeth for anchors. These abutment teeth will be covered with dental crowns that attach to the prosthetic teeth that will fill in where your teeth are missing. This is a permanent fixture that does not need to be removed like partial dentures, ensuring that it doesn't slip or move when you talk or eat. The prosthetic teeth will be matched to your natural teeth so they are almost impossible to identify.

Once your dental bridge is in place, you will love the way it looks and functions. You can enjoy foods you may have avoided due to your missing teeth. And when you smile, you will know that no one is staring at your gaps, only enjoying the beauty it brings to your face.

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