Using tooth-colored filling material for anterior teeth has been a routine cosmetic dentistry treatment for many years in the dental field. White composite fillings make your teeth look whole and natural even when you have substantial damage, whether through decay or trauma. Cavities in anterior teeth can be unsightly as well as problematic to your oral health. Getting them cleaned out promptly and filled with composite fillings restores your smile and in some cases can make it look even better than before.

Traditionally silver amalgam fillings have been used in back teeth. This filling material made of metals including silver and mercury and other metals combined creates a sturdy, durable filling that can last over a decade. It stands up well to the pressure created by chewing.  Using composite fillings in molars was limited due to pressures exerted on these teeth. However, advances in dental technology and materials have created composite fillings that are more durable than ever.  Many people are having their silver fillings replaced with composite for a nicer looking smile. Another advantage of composite fillings is that they do not require as much extensive preparation as amalgam since the material bonds directly to the tooth surface.

What is a Composite Resin?

A combination of ceramic or glass particles with a plastic polymer goes into the manufacturing of composite fillings. The material can be colored to match the color of your tooth so it blends in and becomes virtually invisible. There are different types of composite resins. Some are hard-set with a blue light. When large spaces are filled with composite resin, this type is put down in layers. Each layer is hardened under the beam of the blue light. This procedure ensures that the filling is sturdy and durable. The light acts as a catalyst to activate the hardening process of the polymer. The natural beauty of your teeth is restored with the use of composite resins.

Denham Springs Composite Fillings

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